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fairing repair


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  • fairing repair

    My wonderful wife had a mishap on our scoot. Fortunately, only her pride was hurt. ;) I am going to have to repair the right hand front outer fairing. Fairing parts in good condition for a Jetforce don't seem to be easy to find since. It now sits in the garage missing most of the front fairing.
    I am trying to find a source for a Plastifix kit. I had no problem sourcing that kind of material in the U.S., but I have no clue as to where I can purchase it here in Europe.

    I would really appreciate suggestions on where I can find Plastifix or a similar product.


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    You don't really need a specific kit. You can buy the things you need in any automotive shop like Halfords or similar.
    Most repairs can easily be done with glassfiber and epoxy resin. For a smooth outer surface you can use a polyester-base putty and offcourse paint :)


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      Thanks for the answer. I guess I will order a few of the reuseable molding bars. I don't know if the stuff will work with polyester filler. The tricky part, at least as I see it, is creating exact duplicates of the broken tabs that help attach the fairing parts to each other. Here is an image of some of the damage. Fortunately only one part was damaged enough to make it temporarily unuseable.

      I did email Urethane Company's Nederland distributor. If I am able to order some through them I will try to make that contact information available to other members of the forum.

      Last edited by erico; 14 November 2010, 11:44.


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        I must admit that these tabs are a pain to get them strong enough. I had some success with two compound glue based on Methyl-Acrylate. That's the only glue that is fit for most plastics and strong enough.


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          I ordered a Plastifix kit and some extra supplies from the Urethane Company's Nederlands distributor on Monday. I won't recieve the kit until sometime in December since it comes by sea freight. It has a wicked chemical composition and can't be shipped by air. When I get the kit I will make the repairs on the fairings, take some fotos and post them here in the forum.
          I found a person who said they had the fairing in great condition for sale on Marktplaats. That person lied big time. I had to drive down south near Amsterdam on friday anyway so i set up an appointment to check it out.The one that I have is actually in far better condition than the one he tried to sell me for €30 per stuk. ;{
          It is pretty irritating when people think they are slick and everyone else is a willing dupe. The guy actually stated they were in good condition with all of the mounting points intact in an email.
          Last edited by erico; 21 November 2010, 15:13.


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            Yep ..its a shame to see how many muppets are advertisng their junk on MP by times ... had same soe weird experience with some idiot trying to sell me his (old!!!) laptop covers fr a compaq too ...state was horrible ,guy wanted a fortune and was a unbehaved utter idiot ..totally out of line and not even a kid anymore ... interesting to hear your experiences with the plastifix kit Errico :)



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