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Motor cutting out while riding


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  • Motor cutting out while riding


    I have a Keeway Hurricane, which has a particular problem.
    While riding the motor will cut out ("valt uit") randomly and then if you're lucky, you can get it going again by holding the accelerator. Unfortunately this is not always the case, because sometimes it just wont start anymore. That being said, it doesn't only happen while riding, sometimes it may not start and then an hour later it may start. Also, you may get it to start and ride 100m+ and then turn it off, but then it wont start again (sometimes)..

    I have brought it to a scooter repair shop 2x now and the problem has never been solved. They say they tune it, which makes a big performance difference, but the cutting out problem still remains and the scooter does go out of "tune" after a short while after have been check by the scooter repair shop.

    My question is, does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

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    Extra info

    What I also notice is that when it does start, there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust, which could be because the intake manifold is flooded. I also noticed that there is a slight acceleration when the scooter is in idle, which would logically explain the intake manifold being flooded, I think.


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      Seems like its loosing its spark ..why ? can be several reasons , from a bad spark plug of badly connected cap or ignition cable , to a faulty cdi ?
      Check the plug if it fires strongly and blue ..
      After many a restarting attempt it might be flooded , true.. but aftr it does fire up and beeb driven up operating temperature it ought to have stopped smoking



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