Welcome to our international section of the ScooterHulp forum .

Who are we ?
We are a Dutch enthousiast forum that started out never with an idea to become big but just to offer a service no other dutch site was doing right at that time.

The name was actually chosen on what we offer , it means that literally in Dutch and has no relation to the excellent US ScooterHelp forum .

We offer a free real direct online advice helpdesk by active moderators with all
kinds of scooter related problems .
The whole of the forum is meant as a toolkit and as a huge support/error database .

That start was already three years ago now
and was an instant hit ..the manuals i gathered over the years were put online as a free online library wich started a life on its own , possibly the reason why youre here visiting us too :p

The old owner sold the site a year ago to the previous owner who is still fully busy developing the Dutch sections scooterportal and scooterplein wich are the commercial parts .

But .. the intentions are there to start up again doing a full version in english as this dbase is usable globally , its a proven concept .

As i am not the admin can't work on the improvement of the english forum templates as i know these are bad when youre a non dutch speaker ...

(its not i havent seen them , just dont have the rights to alter them. ;))

For now its just one map , but dont hesitate to post your questions here as most our mods are fluent in english too.
If the international section gets filled in time iam shure things will go quicker...

The preferred general forum language will be English here .
Keep in mind we do small bikes only ,
most expertise is available with 50-70-100-125-180cc bikes ..one/two cylinder stuff etc

Offcourse you can also stop bye just to say 'Hi':p

enjoy SH ...

Under here you'll see a small screendump of the lower end of the index page ..
It shows where to switch forum language to english ..

when you see the dialoguebox ..
switch from 'Nederlands' to 'English'
there is a seach button called 'zoeken' on top of page in the blue bar thingy ...

Remember you need to be registered before you can download , when forum hasnt received the reply confirmation it wont give you the rights needed for a d/l .

Enjoy SH !

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